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Israel: 64 Years Of Blessing The World


April 27, 2012


“Some people like the Jews, and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are, beyond any question, the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has appeared in the world.”
                       ~Winston Churchill - Prime Minister of 

                         Great Britain


“With Judaism, therefore, we have a relationship which we do not have with any other religion. You are our dearly beloved brothers, and in a certain way, it could be said that you are our elder brothers.” 

                       ~Pope John Paul II


There is no doubt, for those who choose to engage their gray matter, that the most amazing nation of people in the world is Israel. A tiny nation that has stood against its foes from day one of its rebirth, and yet...despite the hatred for its existence...has been determined to bless every people group on the globe. 


In celebration of their 64th birthday, is the perfect opportunity to recognize just a few of Israel's contributions to the world:

These, and hundreds of other inventions and discoveries, have never been associated with Israel. Sadly, major media outlets have daily disparaged Israelis, in the eyes of the world, as cruel 'occupiers', rather than what they clearly are: True aids to humanity. 

The promise to Abraham, in Genesis 12:3, is still in effect...and one must merely open one's mind and heart to see its fulfillment.


Fear not, Yisrael...some of us have our loving eye on you. 


Ahavat Eretz Yisrael...Am Israel Chay!* 


Shalom through strength...



*Love the Land of Israel...Long Live Israel!




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REELTalk Radio Show: The Wuss-Free Zone - Cowards Need Not Apply


Joining me  for this week's REELTalk with Audrey Russo, April 26th @6PM ET/3PM PT, My Guest: BRAD STINE comedian/actor  - Described by Newsweek as "aggressive" with a "rat-a-tat delivery" - it’s ‘thinking humor' so you can’t check your brains at the door. Plus his 'Wussification of America' update.





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Egypt Ends Israel's Gas Supply: It's Political AND Religious


April 24, 2012


The 1979 Camp David Peace Accord, the treaty between Israel & Egypt stipulated that Cairo was obligated to provide Israel with as much oil as it could afford. The wording was later changed from oil to natural gas.


That agreement continued under Hosni Mubarak until his rule was toppled in a popular uprising last year. Israel has grown increasingly nervous about the state of relations with Egypt, especially since there have been 14 attacks on the pipeline since Mubarak left.


But, despite the many warnings concerning this administration's support of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the Salafists (new majority of the Egyptian government), the Egyptian leadership has taken a critical blow against the long-time peace accord...


Egypt’s Natural Gas Holding Company announced the cessation of the contract with Israel, this weekend, citing violations of contractual obligations. It denied the act was political. The "violations" were bogus since the 14 attacks on the pipeline that stopped the delivery of the gas 14 times were the reasons Israel would not pay for the undelivered gas.


A bogus excuse that is actually a facade. The Islamist Egyptian government did not speak with veracity concerning their motivation. It was more than political in nature, it was also for religious reasons. 


Aw now, am I just being Islamophobic (a faux term)? Nope...here's a little evidence...


In November of last year, Egypt's MB held a rally in Cairo's most eminent mosque. Was it one of those 'pro-democracy' rallies the US president kept lauding? Nope, it was a typical Friday service that turned into a noxious anti-Israel protest, with attendees vowing to "one day kill all Jews." Approximately 5,000 people participated in the rally, which called to encourage the "battle against Jerusalem's Judaization."


And there were all sorts of 'treats' at the event. The speakers delivered passionate, odious speeches against Israel, condemning the "Zionist occupiers" and the "treacherous Jews." As the worshippers of the 'religion of peace' filed out of the rally, they were given small flags, with Egypt's flag on one side and the Palestinian flag on the flipside. In addition to maps of Jerusalem's Old City specifying where "Zionists are aiming to change Jerusalem's Muslim character."


So, based upon this bissel (little) proof, it's logical to conclude that what's behind the violation of the peace treaty is clearly based upon Muhammed's ideology, which is both religious and political.


This is Egypt's first blatant violation of the 33 year old treaty...but they've only just begun.


Shalom through strength...





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April 23, 2012

From Rev. Wright to Bill Ayers to Fast and Furious and beyond--Barrack Obama is irrefutably a bad character. Now it's time for Mitt Romney to drop the Obama is a "nice guy" routine and speak the unvarnished truth about America's most nefarious president.



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"Never Again" Is Not An Election Moment Motto


April 20, 2012


Ahh...you can smell it in the air. The whoppers wafting up from the paltering portals of politicos. It's an election season, of that you can be sure...


As the polls get closer, the lies getting bigger...if you're paying attention.


President Obama issued a statement in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, stating that nations must stand up against anti-Semitism, and Holocaust deniers. He said, "On this day, and all days, we must do more than remember. We must resolve that 'never again' is more than an empty slogan. As individuals, we must guard against indifference in our hearts and recognize ourselves in our fellow human beings."


Well, well...sounds admirable...and I'd like to believe him. This was said on his visit to Buchenwald...one of the first and the largest of the concentration camps on German soil. Obama declared, "This place is the ultimate rebuke of those thoughts--a reminder of our duty to confront those who tell lies about our history."


OK...here's my question: In all his time in the White House, why has he NOT condemned Mahmoud Abbas for being a Holocaust denier? Abbas did his doctoral dissertation on Holocaust denial ( "The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism")...and he never reneged one word, 


Additionally, the Center for Near East Policy Research has found that the doctoral dissertation is the focus of the PA-controlled curriculum...infecting children with Shoah lies.


Oh, was that Mr. Obama? Nope, no condemnation.


Abbas has even visited the White House in 2010...any reprimand? Nah ah. Why not? Didn't the smartest man in the White House KNOW about the Abbas thesis? Um, that's a roger...


And yet...not a word of rebuke. 


Was it, perhaps because the date didn't fall in proximity to a ballot box?


Oh, I don't know, but that sounds like "never again" just made it to the "empty slogan" level. And that makes his statement: Reprehensible in my book.


Laying your dictum on the graves of 6 million people is downright ghoulish. But hey...gotta get those votes and climbing over millions of dead Jews is just a means to an end in Barry's book.


Shalom through strength... 




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REELTalk Radio Show: Rockin' You Right with Dave Bray of Madison Rising


Joining me for this week's REELTalk with Audrey Russo, April 19th @6PM ET/3PM PT, My Guest: DAVE BRAY, Lead Vocalist for the controversial rock band MADISON RISING. They will more than ROCK your socks off...they'll Rock your brains RIGHT...back in your head! They're in the vanguard of a movement of thinkers that hit reality hard, from the stage...to Capital Hill!





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Lordy, Lordy: 1st Muslim Nobleman Issues $10M Bounty On O & W


April 17, 2012


Well, some of our cousins across the Pond were able to straighten up, from bending over backwards for the Muslim community...to finally do something right...


According to Pakistan’s Express Tribune, Lord Nazir Ahmed, a British Labour peer, announced a $10 million bounty on Presidents Obama & Bush, at a business reception in Haripur on April 15...after mentioning the US bounty on Hafiz Saeed. Saeed's the founder of the Islamic terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba, which had reported links with Osama bin Laden. He has also been blamed for organizing the 2008 attacks in Mumbai that killed 166 people, including 6 Americans. 


Ahmed was appointed the Lord of Rotherdam for life in 1998 during Tony Blair's term and was functioning as a Labour Party representative for Britain's noble upper branch of Parliament, the House of Lords. But Ahmed's comments, which he denies, followed him all the way back to the UK. The Labour Party immediately told the BBC: "We have suspended Lord Ahmed pending investigation. If these comments are accurate we utterly condemn these remarks which are totally unacceptable."


Ace , Mates! But how long will that last? With the hypersensitivity toward Muslims in the UK, I'm guessing as long as the next news cycle. I believe the British government is contorted with fear of the Fatwa. 


Ahmed has revealed, by his comments, his true loyalties. NOT to the British government, but to his brethren. Rather than condemn the terrorist actions of Saeed, he equates them with the legal defensive actions of a sovereign nation. 


If the UK (British Gov't) was concerned with truth and facts on the ground...and they were able to crawl out of their hiding place...they would know that one dedicated to the Quran will never put a country above their devotion to Allah. They are commanded to put Islam first, and consequently, their brethren fighting the infidels, for the sake of Islam.


I hope the media keeps an eye on this...but my guess is they won't, and the UK's fear of the Fatwa will allow Ahmed to goosestep his way back into the House of Lords.


Shalom through strength...




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April 16, 2012

Sharia: Mutilating female genitalia since the 7th century.

Shouldn't "Hot in Cleveland" really be called "Three Hoes and a Hag?"

When a politico "misspeaks" isn't he really lying?



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Testosterone Twins Tell Iran: Don't Do That!


April 13, 2012


"The wisest thing in the world is to cry out before you are hurt. It is no good to cry out after you are hurt; especially after you are mortally hurt. People talk about the impatience of the populace; but sound historians know that most tyrannies have been possible because men moved too late. it is often essential to resist a tyranny before it exists." 
 G.K. Chesterton, Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State


This week, President Obama and French President Sarkozy called on Tehran to consider the upcoming nuke talks seriously, or be faced with reinforced sanctions. And Sec. State Clinton recognized signs Iran is ready to bring ideas to the negotiation table.


Now, I like fiction just like the average person. It's an enjoyable distraction from the mundane slog of the everyday. In a fictional world, within reason...anything goes. The author dictates the players behavior and the outcome. Even the nemesis must behave. 


BUT, I don't want my country's foreign policy and national security run on a fictional basis. And that's what we are dealing with here...


There is not one iota of evidence that would give these testosterone twins (almost trio, but I'll give Hillary a pass) sufficient reason to continue to warn the maniacal mullahs and their marionette (Ahjad). Despite warnings and useless sanctions, they have continued their interminable demonic debouch toward a nuclear nightmare. 


So why repeat a failure?


Einstein said: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." But in this case, I think a quote from Forrest Gump is more apropos...


"Stupid is as stupid does."


The only problem is...when Stupid does...everybody ELSE gets hurt.


Shalom through strength...



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REELTalk Radio Show - Every Thursday


Joining me  for this week's REELTalk with Audrey Russo, April 12th @6PM ET/3PM PT, My Guests: author/columnist MICHAEL WALSH to discuss Barry's 'BULLY' Pulpit. And columnist/law enforcement expert JIM KOURI, will reveal -- who is Boko Haram? Should they be missing from our State Dept. Terror list? 




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Stones Were Wrong: If You're Israel, It's Not


April 10, 2012


"Time is on my side, yes, it is. Time is on my side, yes, it is." 

                                 --The Rolling Stones


It's that time again...time for the nimrods of the world...including the current administration...to give the maniacal Mullahs of Tehran: More Time.


Time to waste as they make haste to fulfill their machination: Regional and world dominance for Allah...and the destruction of the 'Little Satan' (Israel) and the 'Great Satan' (US). 


And they can be assured of accomplishing their goal because of the plethora of 'Appeasinators' globally. And leading the pack of Dangerous Weenies is President Barry Obama. 


Washington Post leaker, David Ignatius, said that Obama told his best bud, Turkey's Erdogan to tell his best bud Ayatollah Khamenei that O has no prob with Iran's nuclear program as long as they cross their heart NOT to continue their nuclear weapons program. 


The Road Runner must be close because I just found the super-genius...


Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu said this past Sunday concerning the P5-1 talks with Iran scheduled for next week, "We have seen that Iran uses the talks in order to deceive and mislead."


Bibi gets it. We get it. But Barry is so overwhelmed by instructing the Supremes with all his Constitutional expertise...it's all good to him. 


Time is a present for Ahjad and the Mullahs. And Barry and his ilk are more than happy to present it to them with a bow. But that bow will cost innocent lives...


So the Stones were wrong. If you're Israel or the US...it's not.


Shalom through strength...



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April 9, 2012

Here's a chilling (if not virulent) reality: 40% of all children who attend public schools in Antwerp, Belgium are Muslim. Europe, tragically--is engaged in the shtick known as "Suicide by Political Correctness."



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Obama: Chag Sameach! Really??


April 6, 2012


"Next year in Jerusalem"...for Jews globally is a comforting phrase. A phrase of hope. REAL hope. From the Giver of hope.


And a common greeting at Pesach and other holidays is 'Chag Sameach' literally means, 'Joyous Festival'.


That's how the president ended his video greeting to the Jewish people this year. Very nice. Very common. But very sincere?


Let's think about that...with some evidence:

This, of course, is a bissel (a little) amount of the evidence that speaks to the integrity of the president's message. Especially the line that he would "look forward to a good bowl of matzo ball soup."


I'd like to believe his words are sincere, but based on his vast anti-Jewish alliances...it's hard to swallow that Matzoh Ball. 


Chag Pesach Sameach, mishpochah! (Happy Passover, family!)...and that's sincere.


Shalom through strength...



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April 5 2012


"Political Correctness is the opiate of the coward."---Burgess Redding



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Like A Thief In The Night, Despite Barry's Betrayal


April 3, 2012


As time passes, the bomb ticks louder...Israel knows this well. The Mad Mullahs, and their puppet Ahjad, are on track and on target to create a nuclear nightmare that starts with Israel (the "Little Satan") and ends with us (the "Great Satan"). 


And to believe otherwise is to admit you're off your Thorazine.


The Obama administration has shown itself to be a disloyal and pernicious 'friend' to the Israeli people. Having given away key strategic info on Israel's plan of attack, in order to thwart their national security efforts.


Again I believe it's important to know some of the reasons WHY Israel MUST attack Iran's nuclear facilities:

What we are talking about here is survival. National survival. Survival of a people and culture that have been persecuted globally for centuries. And even in light of the horror of the Shoah...their enemies are uniting and planning a genocide once again. 


I believe Israel will and MUST make their way to Iran's nuclear facilities. In order to do enough damage to hinder their machinations. And hopefully, when the Iranian people again rise up against this Islamic regime, there will be a new face in the White House that will speak for the American people and support an overthrow of the Mullah's madness.


But until then...we will await the news of the IDF's journey to deter the Muslim demagogues of Tehran. We know their work will be 'like a thief in the night'...because that's the ONLY way to deceive deceivers.


Shalom through strength...




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April 2, 2012

Here's a chilling (if not virulent) reality: 40% of all children who attend public schools in Antwerp, Belgium are Muslim. Europe, tragically--is engaged in the shtick known as "Suicide by Political Correctness."



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