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Today's Lesson: The Greatest Hindrance To Mideast Peace


April 27, 2011


OK, boys and girls...now that another election year is approaching...let's look at what Mr. Obama has accomplished in his 'to do' list. 


Today we're going to look at Foreign Policy and Mideast Peace...


Okee Dokee...


He wanted to change our image in the world. Check! Now our enemies think we're conquerable cretins and our allies don't trust us. 

He wanted to bring change to US-Muslim relations. Check! 1) Egypt now plans to end the Camp David Accords (brokered by Carter between Sadat-Begin), which brought agreement (upheld by Mubarak) and form of peace between Israel-Egypt. 2)Egyptian officials now want to meet with Iranian officials to have a working relationship (in case you missed it, they are the enemy of Israel and the US). 3)Egyptian officials want to meet with Hamas. Woo Hoo...a hat trick!!


He didn't speak up when he should have...and he opened his pie hole when he should have kept it shut. Uh oh, Barry's not smarter than a 5th grader, kids...


During the uprisings in the Middle East, here's what he did...or didn't do:


When pro-democracy forces took to the streets in Tehran...cries for freedom came from the people's lips...Barry buttoned his.

When the Muslim Brotherhood-roiled hordes shrieked to bring Mubarak down (a man, though cruel, but with whom we had a working relationship)...Barry unbuttoned his trap to leave no doubt of his ignorance.

When Libyan rebels, which most likely are not friends of the US, decided to help oust Gaddafi...Barry opened his mouth and out of his military acumen, decided to train the rebels.


See boys and girls...when you put your mind to it, what little there may be...you can get things done!


Look at all Mr. Obama has done for Mideast peace in just 2 1/2 years in office. He has injected himself into the situation, with no experience and very bad information and made our worst President EVER, look like a genius. 


So getting back to our lesson's title: What/Who's the greatest hindrance to Mideast peace? Why it's your president, that's who!!


He's helped our image AND the milieu like the guy who shaves your ankles before the electric chair. See kids...that's not helpful if you're the good guy and the guy who pulls the switch is holding a Quran.


So, until next time kids, remember: If you hire a moron to do wise things...you're the bigger fool.


Shalom through strength...




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Bargaining With Barbarians Equals More Barbarism


April 25, 2011


"No man can tame a tiger into a kitten by stroking it. There can be no appeasement with ruthlessness. There can be no reasoning with an incendiary bomb." 

                                     --Franklin D Roosevelt


One of the few things that FDR got right was how pernicious appeasement can be. To attempt to reason with the irrational is foolishness, at best...yet the weak in leadership positions, in democracies worldwide, have done so, to the peril of their people.


The State of Israel has had those leading them, in the past, that acquiesced to the cries of the desperate and caved to the demands of terrorists. That is what set up a milieu that permitted the capture of Gilad Shalit (Israeli soldier captured by Hamas on June 25, 2006). As much as we all can understand the plea of his family to get him home safe...it would be a grave mistake to negotiate with these radical fiends. They kidnap in order to exchange the innocent for incarcerated terrorists, who go back out on the streets of Israel...to kill innocents. When allowed to prevail in their deeds, by Israeli officials agreeing to the captors demands...they just do it all over again...


Over a period of 30 years, Israel has released approximately 7,000 'Palestinian' terrorist prisoners to secure freedom for 19 Israelis and to retrieve the bodies of 8 others.


That falsely speaks of the weakness of Israel to the Arab-Muslim world, AND success of operations to Jewish enemies.


So they plan to do it again...the Hamas weekly al-Risalah reported Sunday that Hamas is taking advantage of the relative quiet in the south to "plan more kidnappings in the near future." 


The article stated that "The resistance is coming closer to conducting another kidnapping." 


Here's are questions to ponder: Since this machination has been clearly published...why are there no world leaders condemning this plan? Why has the world media...including the self-righteous US media...not condemned Hamas for taking and imprisoning Shalit for almost 5 years? Where's Saint Jimmy 'Dhimmi' Carter on these actions of his beloved Hamas?


The answer is always the same: When it comes to condemning the savagery of terrorists attacking Jews, the world's resounding response is: Cricket chirps.


As I've said in the past, appeasement never works for the cause of freedom. 


In the face of Hamas' nefarious behavior, it would benefit the Israeli government to remember the sage words of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the next time Hamas (or their ilk) suggests bargaining for barbarians: "I seem to smell the stench of appeasement in the air."


Then act accordingly...


Shalom through strength...





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Hey Dems, Election's Approaching...Time To Lie To The Jews


April 22, 2011


You can always tell when the smell of an election season is approaching. How? It's simple...the Libs start supporting the State of Israel, again...


Same old, same old...


On Tuesday, the US Senate officially and unanimously passed a resolution demanding that the UN Human Rights Council annul the Goldstone Report, which falsely accused Israel of committing war crimes in its 2009 Operation cast Lead in the Gaza Strip.


Now, ordinarily I would have given a shout-out to the Senate. But some facts deter me from doing so. 


One point is a large block of voters and financial supporters are important to the Dems: Liberal Jews. And sadly, every time elections are approaching...the Dems make nice, in gesture, to Israel...and Liberal Jews promise boku bucks. And when the election is over...the Dems go back to their anti-Israel ways until they need Jewish money again.


Another point that prevents me from calling the Senate's act magnanimous is their reaction when the Goldstone Report was released: Lukewarm, at best. Now, Goldstone himself admits he was wrong...so 'demanding' it be rescinded is lame.


Is this behavior disgusting? Yes. But sadly, Liberals in the Jewish community...with all their G-d-given acumen...are blind and deaf to the Dems routine.


I point out the Senate here simply because there is a Democrat majority, however slight. The House, on the other hand, has a GOP majority and their support would be genuine. Why? Because they, as a rule, support and defend the State of Israel, come hell or high water.


So, the Senate's resolution does represent the American people's position...but in order for this citizen to buy their support of the Jewish State...it will take their off-year actions to match their election year rhetoric.


Shalom through strength...





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Gotta Love It


April 21, 2011


The new "democratic" Egypt is not only making diplomatic overtures to Iran--but it is also contemplating a visit to Gaza to embrace Hamas.

Gotta love Obama's foreign policy "acumen."



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Death Penalty: Some Blood Cries Out For It


April 20, 2011


"I believe there is a place for a death penalty. Some crimes are so heinous, so horrible that the only response that we, as a civilized nation, have for a most uncivil action is not only to try to deter that person from ever committing that crime again, but also as a warning to others that some crimes truly are beyond any other capacity for us to fix." --Mike Huckabee


New York, my state, does not have the death penalty...ruled unconstitutional and cruel in 2004...still scratching my head on the 'cruel' part. Despite the poor decision, I am a strong proponent of the Death Penalty for ALL democracies. 


Especially in the case of crimes against humanity...


Case in point...the two fiends, that committed the unconscionable massacre of the Fogel family in Itamar, have finally been caught and confessed to their barbarous acts. And some of the facts were so vile, that for one of the acts alone...they should be skewered...


According to the Jerusalem Post:

Soulless barbarians comes to mind, but doesn't describe these vermin...and I'm too much of a lady to say what I REALLY think of them...


Now, in Israel, capital punishment is illegal, except in specific circumstances. Israel inherited the code of law for the British Mandate of Palestine, which included the death penalty for several offenses, but in 1954 Israel abolished this penalty with the exceptions of conviction for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against the Jewish people, and treason in wartime.


I do believe this heinous crime falls under ALL but the last one of these categories. It's time to once again build the gallows...last used for Adolf Eichmann (convicted of Nazi war crimes relating to the Holocaust).


This must be seen by the Muslim world as a zero tolerance issue concerning the murder of innocent civilians. 


The Fogel tragedy cries out for justice. If the Israeli government fails to apply this condign punishment...it will result in many more massacres, because Muslims view mercy as weakness to be conquered. 


Something that must ALWAYS be considered when dealing with people who love to hate.


Shalom through strength...





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The Mentally Challenged Among Us


April 18, 2011


According to a recent Gallup Poll--nearly 60% of Americans think the wealthy should be taxed more.

Wow! What to do with the mentally challenged among us?

Perhaps these 'geniuses' aren't cognizant of the fact that the top 1% of wage earners in America already pay over 40% of all federal taxes?

Furthermore--these high end wage earners create the one thing our nation needs right now: JOBS!

Piling more onerous taxes on them will only add to an already high unemployment rate.

But--this is to be expected.

After all--it was the mentally challenged among us that elected the Tax Collector-in-Chief.



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The Terrorist State, That Appeasers & Ogres Create


April 15, 2011


Get the party hats out...all the Jew-haters of the world...of every type and stripe...are ready to unite in declaration and celebration. Funny thing, though...all the party attire either has a star & crescent or a yellow stripe down its back...


The attendees list: Appeasers: Obama (US), check. Cameron (UK), check. The World Bank, check. The International Monetary Fund, check. The UN, check. The Ogres: The Muslim nations, check, check, check...


The celebration? Why the declaration of a 'Palestinian' State. A macrocosm of Gaza's terrorist commune. 


The UN gave their 'Woo Hoo' to the PA on Tuesday...no condemnation of the daily crimes-against-humanity rocket barrage upon Israeli civilians...just a ginormous kudos for their intentions of unilaterally declaring a 'Palestinian' State. 


Any opposition from Israel's 'allies'? 

Well, at least the US House of Representatives approved a measure condemning unilateral measures to declare or recognize a 'Palestinian' state, so...they still represent the people of the US. But the President? He is bent upon acquiescing to Muslims...an ideology for which he has much affection. 


So, will a 'Palestinian' State be declared (without Israel's agreement) this Fall? It won't, unless those whose countries were guilty of being appeasers during the reign of the Third Reich...want more blood on their hands...which, by the way, the Sharia that these countries are ushering in, will be happy to deal with in one precise chop...


Shalom through strength...




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Permanently Attached To Their Ankles


April 14, 2011


Not only was President Obama's speech yesterday (on deficit reduction) an exercise in mendacity--it was also another installment of blistering class warfare.

When will the President (who stated during his speech that the wealthy need to pay their fair share of taxes) come to the understanding that the top 1% of wage earners in our country pay 40% of all taxes.

If the president had his druthers--the wealthy would have their hands permanently attached to their ankles.



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NY State Dems: Sharia's Little Helpers


April 13, 2011


CAIR was shrieking like paltering banshees. Eleven NY State Democrats screamed it was criminal. Various apologists yammering about an anti-Muslim backlash. Adem Carroll of the New York State Interfaith Network for Immigration Reform, joined in the chorus against the NY State Senate’s hearings: "None of us are condemning the hearings’ stated purpose...but hate speech and defamation can and do perpetuate a cycle of violence."


But is any of this true?


It appears, since 9-12, when Islam, through unindicted coconspirators like CAIR, took on the mantle of 'victim'...any legitimate inquiry into the ideology is immediately branded 'hate speech'. If you state truth, you are inciting violence...despite the lack of any empirical evidence.


Imagine this...ex-Muslim and human rights activist Nonie Darwish (who lived under the draconian fist of Islam), had the impudence to state facts in the hearing (something Jihadists and their minions loathe). "The education of Arab children is to make killing of certain groups of people not only good, it’s holy. It becomes holy in our culture."


That is a fact. Books examined in various schools, in the US and abroad, confirm that fact. YET, the pronouncement of that reality is "bringing hate and poison" into the proceedings, according to Brooklyn Sen. Eric Adams. So, if you repeat what the Quran says, then you are 'poisoning' the milieu? Stating the obvious is Haram (forbidden)? 


Nice try, Senator....but no sale. 


Eleven of Adams' colleagues screeched that hearings would, "inflame hysteria and place an entire faith under suspicion." 


Sorry guys...no sale there either.


Islam is making monumental efforts and strides, through dangerous dimwits like Sen. Adams and his ilk. To view the apologetic atmosphere we are residing in...especially in the very State with the most casualties from 9-11...one would think we are living in a 9-10 world. 


But if Islamists have their way...we will be living in a 9-11 world...interminably.


Shalom through strength...




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True Enemies


April 11, 2011


Democrats who oppose Rep. Paul Ryan's 2012 budget are not only childish--but also the true enemies of Medicare, Medicaid and a host of other entitlements they believe to be sacrosanct.



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Sent To Allah


April 8, 2011


One of the most demonstrable signs of American weakness (involving the War on Terror) is the egregious fact that Khalid Sheik Mohammed is still breathing.

In American custody since 2003--the admitted architect of 9/11 has been treated rather well (thanks to our government's unfettered propensity to kiss Islamic ass)-- given the fact that he is a murderous RAT BASTARD!

If we the people had our druthers: KSM would've been sent to Allah long ago.

But, then again--we the people have the one thing our leaders lack: A SPINE!




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Carter: Cuddling With Fidel And Raul 'Krueger' 


April 7, 2011


‎"Quite often...these little guys, who might be making atomic weapons or who might be guilty of some human rights violations or whatever, are looking for someone to listen to their problems and help them communicate." --Jimmy Carter, his strategy with dictators


Oops...he missed his day. April 1st comes but once a year, for everyone else...but not for Jimmy Dhimmi Carter. He enjoys that honor every day of the year...


He's the fawner of tyrants and despots...the defender of virulent regimes and anti-Semites (Hamas), a specialty. Carter has made a career of supporting the evil of this world and enabling them to commit atrocities, one more day.


He's an ambitious little goober...and he's at it again... 


It can be said that miscreants recognize their own kind...and their enablers (useful idiots)... "We greeted each other as old friends," gushed Carter. "In 2002, we received him warmly...Now, I reiterated to him our respect and esteem," reciprocated Fidel Castro. "Jimmy Carter was the best of all U.S. Presidents," proclaimed Raul Castro. Oooo, aahhh...I'm feeling warm and fuzzy inside...what a love-fest (or infestation)...and all of it on Cuban soil. 


Such gracious words emanating from the Castro Clan...it's like learning Freddie Krueger graduated from a rehab center...and is now counseling in one...


But, sadly...the Krueger brothers, and their American cousin and aficionado, Jimmy...were just having a family reunion. 


So, what's so darn bad about the Castros anyway?


Besides the myriad testimonies of people who have lived under Fidel's barbarity...here's just a bit of El Comandante's beneficence: 

Well now...that would woo me to the communist ideology. This aids my understanding of the saying, "I'd rather be dead than red in the head"...


How can someone, who resembles the tranquil character of Huckleberry Hound, be so wretched inside his elderly shell? Who continues to send him on these 'missions' to comfort the vile...the voices in his head?


Whatever is motivating Carter to be the ambassador of abomination...he needs to stop and number his days. He's no spring chicken, but rather an old hideous rooster...and the path to his final resting place (at least on this earth) should not be strewn by the bodies of the innocent or splashed with the blood of babes.


Unless he's bucking for a seat in Sheol. No worries...he already has a reservation.


Shalom through strength...




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In Short: WTF!


April 6, 2011


While those vitiated by Political Correctness are busy condemning Pastor Terry Jones for torching a copy of the Koran--the Muslim thugs who slaughtered 20 innocents in Afghanistan (in direct protest to Jones' book burning) seem to be getting a pass.

In short: Jones was thoroughly castigated for merely exercising his right (under The Constitution) to Free Expression--while the killers in Afghanistan--who exercised their right (under the Koran) to annihilate those who insult Islam--were treated as victims.

(Even though the slaughtered didn't know Jones.)





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They Cannot Want What They Do Not Know


April 5, 2011


Reporter after reporter...throughout the riots doing the wave across the Middle East (and you don't want to be down wind of that)...Arab Muslims, who have lived under Islamic-influenced governments, have been asked the same question. But an inquiry that is foolish, at best: So you're doing this because you want democracy, right?


Well, if that's not putting foreign lingo right into a toothless mouth, I don't know what is...


The answer every time: Yes, democracy.


Really? Shouldn't the next question be: Do you know what democracy is? Because their answer would be unequivocally, NO. They just say yes to anything they are asked, due to the excitement of having a mic up to their halitosis-tainted pie hole...and a camera capturing their grubby mug. 


Honestly...if these journalists actually pondered their query but a moment, they would realize that these men (of course men because women are forbidden to do...well ANYTHING without their master's permission) haven't a clue what democracy is. Having been reared under Islam, which is a complete lifestyle system, including religion AND government in one, individual rights and personal liberty are Haram (forbidden).


What these protesters want is economic reform and freedom. But THAT is not compatible with Islam. The economic freedom they see in the West is the blessed product of a capitalist system...based upon a democratic government. A government by and FOR the people. A system based upon Judeo-Christian precepts which recognize a Creator that gives individuals inalienable rights...that no man can take away.


Their god Allah, does not give or allow such freedoms...and so their desire for Western blessings will NEVER be...without the Western system of democracy. And a recent Pew poll, confirms that. It revealed that 85% of protesters want an Islamic system to rule over them...well, Mr. Hajji, kiss your economic reform goodbye...it took off on Allah's magic prayer-rug...


So, since they do not know what democracy is...they clearly are parroting a "Yes, democracy" out of excitement and not out of a desire based in knowledge.


To all Mideast correspondents: Americans have become a lot smarter since 9-11. They don't believe every word out of the mouth of a man who smells like he hangs with camels, and smiles like Billy Bob. 


Nor should you.


Shalom through strength...




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More Time Is Less Time


April 1, 2011


Time. A precious commodity. Many have realized that since 9/11. Some no longer take time for granted...taking advantage of every moment granted to them. But others have a more devious take on time...and they mean to take ours away...if they continue to be aided...


Who are 'they'? In this case, none other than the maniacal mullahs of Tehran. And who are those who continue to aid them in their diabolical design of destruction? Well, right now, the leading lummox is our very own Barry. He has been silent on their nuclear weapons program ever since the protests in the Middle East have been doing the wave. 


And his silence is not golden...


His failure to voice any protest against their continued machination, is an arrow in the quiver of our enemy...and the enemy of our allies.


He believes his mystical rhetorical gift will cause the mad mullahs to faint away...


Now, I know the 'Gay' lobby believes Obama has a wand, but I didn't know HE believed he did. 


Obama is so enamored with his supposed ability to cause his audiences to swoon, that he apparently thinks Ahmadinejad didn't get a big enough dose to fall under his spell...


Sorry, Barry...even your Cheshire Cat smile won't move those, desiring to kill us, into halting at your command. 


Imagine that...not everyone gets a thrill up their leg...aww...


Everything that O and his ilk choose to use in delaying (including, um nothing) any action against Tehran's tyrannical regime...is turned into time utilized for creating an enormous nuclear nightmare that will first hit Israel, 'the Little Satan'...and then 'the Great Satan'...that would be us.


Because with Tehran...more time for THEM, is less time for US.


Shalom through strength...





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